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Workshop Program

Date: 19th of July 2024

Location: Robotics Science and Systems 2024 (RSS 2024) confererence, Delft (Netherlands)

Time (Tentative): 2PM - 6PM


GROUND 2024 will be a Half Day Workshop. Participants are invited to present their contribution in the form of posters to facilitate open discussion in groups.

Activity Duration
Introduction 10 min
Ice-breaking activity 30 min
Keynote Talk 1 30 min
Carousel Poster Presentation max 2 min per poster
Coffee Break + Poster Session 40 min
Lightning Talk - Sarah Gillet 20 min
Keynote Talk 2 30 min
(G)Round Table: debate + activity 60 min

For any inquiry, please contact us at

Lightning Speaker

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Sarah Gillet

KTH - Division of Robotics, Perception and Learning
Computational Approches To Interaction-Shaping Robotics

Keynote Speakers

Sarah Sebo

University of Chicago - Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Lab
Designing Social Robots to Positively Shape Interactions with Groups of People
With continued advances in computing, robots are becoming increasingly capable of performing physical tasks and engaging socially with people. As robots enter roles in food delivery, child tutoring, older adult assistance, and more, robots will engage both physically and socially with people, individually and in groups. This talk focuses on the potential ways that the social behavior of robots can both positively and negatively shape interactions between people within a group through human-robot interaction roles, supportive verbal statements, and ice-breaking questions. The implications of the work I will highlight the need for researchers and practitioners in HRI and robotics to consider deeply and to continue to research the potential impacts that a robot's behaviors have to shape important human-human interactions within a group.

Keynote Speaker 2


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